Who is Alex Beard?

A painter and illustrator, adventurer, best-selling author, world traveler, animal conservationist and now filmmaker, Alex Beard has emerged as one of his generations most creative, prolific and accomplished artists.  Born in New York City in 1970, Alex spent his childhood as a fly on the wall amidst the colorful conversations of his interesting family’s vibrant friends. Encouraged to think creatively from a young age by his uncle, Peter Beard, the acclaimed wildlife photographer and conservationist, and his mother, Patricia Beard, an accomplished author and magazine editor, Alex grew up among some of the world’s most fascinating personalities. 

Alex studied classical drawing and painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, was a participant in the New York Studio School’s drawing marathon, and studied oil painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art. Unwilling to simply follow in the footsteps of those who preceded him, Alex set off to find his own path. He has traveled through Africa, India, Australia, and the Americas writing and painting as he goes.

Alex is the creator of a unique method of painting called “Abstract Naturalism.” A combination of abstract expressionism and naturalist environmental art, Alex layers abstract lines with the golden ratio and the intrinsic way animals move in nature. This precise, yet abstract visual arithmetic is why many consider Alex a successor to the school of visual mathematicians championed by M.C. Escher.

Alex’s New Orleans studio, like his New York studio before it, has become a hub of an art career that has blossomed into more than just a creative endeavor; it is also a successful enterprise. Vanity Fair magazine singled Alex out as “... an accomplished artist, an adventurer and an accidental entrepreneur.” Alex has had several one-man exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and as far afield as Hong Kong. His drawings and paintings are scattered around the world in public and private collections.

In 2012 Alex created The Watering Hole Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered wildlife and the environments in which they live.  The first project of the foundation is centered on protecting the Wild African Elephant in Northern Kenya.

Alex and his wife Amy live with their two children in Alex’s adopted home of New Orleans, Louisiana. His gallery and painting studio is located on Julia Row in the heart of the Crescent City’s popular arts district.