The Tortoise product
Tower of Babel product
The Jungle Grapevine, Original Drawing product
Hand and Feet Drawing Walrus product
Swordfish product
Hands and Feet - The Catfish product
Elephant Sketch product
Giraffe Sketch product
Monkey See, Monkey Draw Original Drawing product
Rhino Sketch product
Zebra Sketch product
Monkey See, Monkey Draw product
Cultivated Garden Original Drawing #8 product
Spotted Yellow Spiral Bird product
Blue Throated Widgin product
Green Crested Stork product
Green-Spotted Yellow Spiral Bird product
Newman Peacock product
Red and Green Crested Gestural Bird product
Blue Crested Gestural Bird product
Five Faces product
Kaleidoscope of Conversation product


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Who is Alex Beard and how did he become an Artist?

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Self - Portrait product
Zebra and Giraffe product
Blue Crab product
April Abstract product
Fish in the Bubbles product
Totems product
Face to Face product
First Ever Audience Painting product
Avery Island Egrets product
The Pelicans product
The Greater Kudu product
The Cabinet of Curiousities product
Zebra Herd product
Mardi Gras Pelicans product


Alex drawing, Postcards from Hog Ranch,
in the window of his Royal Street galley.
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