Alex Beard Studio - New Orleans Fine Artist

Why am I an artist? What do I create? How do I sell what I make, and what kind of relationship with the public do I hope to create?

Answers to the first questions are easy. I’m an artist, because I love it.  I’m enraptured by the smell of paint, the scumble of a brush on canvas, and the whisk of a quill across well-toothed paper. As for what I make, the work constantly evolves.  I switch mediums and subjects in as varied a scope as the widening gyre allows.  I look for connections and a balance between who and what has come before, what’s happening right now, and what might be right around the corner.  Above all, I have fun.  I create and then try to solve visual puzzles, and I look for whimsy and humor -albeit sometimes a little dark - in everything.

The business of being an artist is a stickier wicket.  A certain separateness that exists in the art world between the public, the gallery, the work, and the artist makes me deeply uneasy. To remedy this anxiety, I started the Alex Beard Studio.  Outgoing by nature, I have always been energized and inspired by the company of others.  It seems fitting, therefore, that I would have an open studio.  Thankfully I also like selling my work.  It is an honor to have someone think highly enough of my art to take it home with them.

At the end of the day I am an enthusiast.  I pursue the thing I love, and strive to share the pleasure I derive from it with as many people as possible. Welcome to my website.
Alex Beard Studio